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"Especially with Brexit, the media showed an image of older people wanting to leave the EU and younger people wanting to stay in. It created a kind of divide between the two but in reality I don't think there's that much of a divide. It's just a matter of getting them together," he said. Kenneth took part in HeadStart, a scheme which matches young people to projects in their community where they work alongside people from different backgrounds. In return for 16 hours of volunteering, young people gain access to a guaranteed job interview with a corporate partner. online clothes shopping websites Kenneth volunteered at a bowling green in his area. After completing the scheme, he got a job at Starbucks and went on to secure an apprenticeship in IT. But he said the scheme offered him more than just job opportunities, through the contact he had with older generations. "When I started I thought I wouldn't be able to relate to them or talk to them but once I got into it I felt more comfortable and realised what I assumed was completely wrong," said Kenneth. "I learnt a lot from the older people. It has really changed the way I am.

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